Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Visionary Ocean

Last night I had about 3 separate dreams that I can remember, if I went back to sleep now I'd probably be able to have a few more dreams.  They're slightly fragmented so forgive me if parts don't make sense.

--Dream 1--

This dream is really fragmented and I was only able to remember it just now writing out other parts of the dreams.

 First thing I remember is being in my car driving around what appeared to be a city with my girlfriend, we were trying to go to this shop that was in an area, closed off by what had been damaged by the earthquake.  I can remember continuously driving around trying to find an entrance but having no success, in the end I think we gave up and decided to go find a place to rest for the night.

We drove around a bit and ended up coming to this park (i'll try sketch the layout and upload it), it was at the end of a long bendy road that had city buildings around it, but the entrance of this park everything turned green with trees and water inside it.  The park itself wasn't very big and the road split off into two at the entrance of it, the park was situated on a cliff overlooking the water.

We parked the car near the entrance so we could see it under the moonlight, as we walked over towards the trees there was another car that pulled into the park filled with drunk idiots, they went around in a circle then drove off after spotting us.  At this point I was worried they were going to come back and cause some chaos but I wasn't too sure, also I made sure I could see my car still.

Eventually I settled down after keeping guard for a while, my girlfriend had been in the tree/bush area making a hut for us to sleep in for the night.  I went to have a look at it as I was amazed she'd been able to create such an awesome hut, I could see it in the distance, in this small amount of time she'd been able to create this near perfect American-Indian looking hut with a small entrance between two trees.

As I entered it the entire scene ahead of me changed, I was looking out across a sandy beach to someones batch on on island.  Above me was some kind of fruit tree that had massive fruit fallen down into a man made catching device that these island people had setup, I suddenly realized we were in someone's backyard and that they probably weren't happy with us being there pretty much standing in their food gathering device.

At this point all I remember is walking over to the water then the dream ending as I woke up for something.

--Dream 2--

After the previous dream I can only guess this is a continued one but I'll separate it out anyway

My earliest memory of this dream is being on a beach with my girlfriend, there were thousands of other people down the beach also.  It looked like it stretched for at least 20km with hills at far ends of the beach, the sand was a perfect golden colour mixed with with a tan, the sky was clear blue, overall it looked pretty amazing.

Me and my girlfriend decided to go for a surf as it was a beautiful day and to me theres only a few things similar in comparison to being out in the water on a surfboard on a sunny day.  We ran out to this edge where you could jump off and end up far out in the water instead of battling the waves trying to get out.  As we ran along the beach there were people going about their own business, I can't remember peoples faces but no one was recognizable to me at this point.

The place/cliff where you'd jump off had a small walkway going up to it, along the side of the walkway it was lined with rocks with different shapes engraved on them and the white kind of old look you get to rocks that have been sitting around for years.  At the top it was like you were teleported out into the ocean with nothing beneath you depending on where you were standing.

As we jumped in the water about half way down my surfboard disappeared and I was stuck in the middle of this ocean with no surf board....  I wasn't too worried as it was pretty calm, but I thought this too soon because the waves became pretty violent (anyone that surfs these waves turned from a 2-3ft calm swell into 6-10ft crazy tumbling beasts).  This wave came right overtop of me and dragged me under, I opened my eyes as I thought I may die and could see perfectly clear underwater and the formation of the wave overhead.  But I was still being dragged and at this point had accepted maybe I was going to die but the only thing I worried about was my girlfriend who was still above in the water.

I managed to gather the strength to goto the top of the water, but I was stuck on this wave riding it in with no board.  I passed numerous amounts of people asking for help but most of them ignored me, as I got closer to land I could see some family members (i'm not sure exactly who) were waiting for me on the beach.

My girlfriend came riding past me standing up on her board laughing at me as I was slow and had been gone for a while, I'm almost certain she made it to land when another massive wave came overtop smashing me under and pulling me towards the shore.  Again I opened my eyes and could see the formation of the wave and torrents of water going diferent directions, time slowed and I heard a faint music coming from somewhere.  I think the strangest part was me accepting and thinking this was the end, then white light appeared to be coming down from the top of the water and a voice telling me that it wasn't my time yet.

Next thing I knew I was standing on the beach with my girlfriend and these family members looking out towards the ocean, in the distance I could see a tsunami/massive wave coming and tried to warn everyone but no one seemed to worry too much about it.  As it came closer and closer I began not to worry about it as I became fairly lucid in knowing it was a dream and that everything would be ok, I decided to put out my hand as I believed I could put some kind of protective barrier around us and save us.

As soon as the water hit we were in a bubble and I woke up.

--Dream 3--

This is most likely continued from the previous one but its very short but I thought it had some kind of interesting aspect to it.

The part of this dream I remember was being ontop of a mountain in Diamond Harbour, New Zealand.  My mother was with me and my girlfriend telling me that if a wave ever hits it will reach this certain hieght on the hills.

I had a vision in the dream that there was going to be something devastating happening to the world on the following Monday/Tuesday, like another big earthquake or something (don't worry i'm not proclaiming this to be real but in the dream I thought it was).

As I watched over the city I had the decision to tell people about it or not say anything at all, it seemed like a hard decision at the time because I saw my dream world as a place that needed a massive change and telling people early that they were most likely about to die would cause wide panic.  But on the other hand I had my concious telling me that I needed to say something and couldn't live while nearly everyone else had been wiped out.

At this point my dream ended and I woke up.

--Dream 4--

This dream started with me being in the middle of a city on a bus with my Grandma, the city at the time I though was somewhere in New York or America going near their "Central Park".  There were tall city buildings on either side of the road and footpaths with trees every couple of meters surrounded by small metal fences, and rubbish bins and couple of hundred meters.

I have no idea why me and my grandma were on this bus but we were travelling through the city on some destination, as we stopped along the journey some people got on the bus that were suspicious, I believe there were 3 of them.  They sat down towards the front of the bus and waited a while, it seemed like we were going down this never ending road for at least 30 minutes.

At the next stop these people that had got on earliar got up and pushed me out of the bus then drove off with my grandma left in it.  I ran as fast as I could to the next stop only to see them driving past with my grandma in the back worried about what was going to happen, this happened a few times as I ran to different parts of the city. (I can't remember running past scenery itself but I just remember appearing ahead of them at different stops)

I came to the final bus stop, someone pulled me from the side of the road into the bushes and told me to watch out as they were filming.  I had no idea what was going on, at first I thought to myself  "did they hijack this bus just to film part of their movie without me and my grandma knowing?"  I was quite angry and walked over to there being film crews and all sorts.

The road ending and going into a government building with fences all around it, the bus entered the gates and I walked beside it, someone told me that they were sending my grandma here to protect her.  Here is the hilarious part of this particular dream, the name of the location that she was being sent to, to be protected was.....something ch@n.

I just laughed to myself and wondered how it had worked its way into my dream, upon entering the building itself I walked through a concrete hallway with all these meme's and characters portraits on the walls.  It was a real dedicated place for the internet, as I exited the back of this place I ended up being in the backyard of building and there were 3 people standing around in a circle......Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama and George Bush.  They told me something that I needed to remember but I can't at this point.

The dream ended here it kind of went blank/black, I don't think I woke up but I'll separate out the next dream.

--Dream 5--

Very short dream but fairly interesting.

First thing I remember was walking down some stairs, beside me was Sylvester Stallone and behind me was the rest of the crew from that movie The dispensables, now I haven't seen this movie but I want to.

As we were walking down I felt empowered and honored to be walking with this group of men as if we were heading off for war or battle, at the bottom of the staircase I remember saying something about Jet Li but can't remember exactly what.

Upon exiting the staircase the scene changed and we were underwater and there was a truck like a van that had 6-8 square doors on the side of it that needed to be opened to save people inside it from drowning, the water around us had subsided but it was still stuck inside these 6-8 small doors.

I proceeded to rip a couple off, the guys from The Dispensibles had to run off back up the staircase to go help someone so I was left to catch up after saving these people that were going to be "collateral".  As I poped open each door a creature came out that looked like something from the bottom of the ocean, they appeared with coral and marine like substances that covered the side of the truck that had the doors.

These creatures would stay still and wouldn't attack unless you moved close to them, I ended up finding a way to get rid of them by just jumping on them fast or kicking them off the truck really fast.  I did this a couple of times then realised their remains or blood that was left over was acid and was eating away at my shoes which were some kind of special rubber.  I was trying continously to shake this acid off and was lucky enough to do it before it reached my skin, at the end all I remember is the bottom of one shoe being completely eaten off but the rubber was regrowing around my foot.

The dream ended here and I woke up.


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  3. Keeping a dream journal is a great way to initialize lucid dreaming.

  4. sweet man, I am really digging the idea of this dream. hopefully you will be able to lucid dream

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  8. Do you use anything to potentate your dreams? Such as mugwort or melatonin?