Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mystical cliff

This dream is only a small fragment of last nights dream...I'm having trouble remembering them at the moment but mainly because of stress in real life.

This all start in a big open field area, with two wooden buildings on each side.  It may have even been a place the computer game World of Warcraft (Warsong Gulch) to be exact, but regardless it hard cartoonish/graphic sky, and game style grass/trees/walls/cliffs.  I kind of switched between a view of looking down and a view of looking first pirst.

As I started in this little wooden building the plan was to engage in a battle in the middle of the open field, Infront of me was a kind of console looking thing where I could touch to make people appear or get reinforcements.  I myself jumped out of the wooden building down into the battlefield and went beside a trebuchet that was being constructed.

It had been damaged and our team were surrounding it to try repair it so we could win, if I remember right their wooden place had turned into a kind of castle stone tower with wooden walls.  Eventually we fixed it with people left and right of me (I didn't know who they were), the dream kind changed here from a trebuchet to an entrance of one of those seige weapons "Towers" that have entrances in the bottom.

I entered this "Tower" and got to the top of it, at the top the scenery changed and everyone went from cartoon/graphic to reality type.  Climbing up this tower it turned out that it was wedged inbetween 2 olden ruined walls (at this point i have no idea where the battle had gone...), it was about 10m tall at least and wooden beams every 1.5m that I could climb on.

At the top of I could see out over the field that had obviously moved positions in the landscape as we were now in a corner.  People fighting turned into futuristic looking with hightech armor and guns, also one team were releasing large dinosaurs to attack the other team who had a Tricerotops mounted with something. 

I really really hate dinosaurs in my dream as they freak me out and I always know the next thing that comes is veliceraptors which I've hated since I first watch jurrasic park.

Raptors eventually appeared and I decided it was time for me to leave the top of the wall, to the side of the wooden part of the old trebuchet there was a stone opening which I went through.  It lead onto a long cliff like rock path into a house in which a mystic lived,  all I remember from this was that the ocean below us and around.  The cliff was perfectly rounded shaped with overgrowth from above.  The cliff above us kind of went up and was smooth off but then protruded back into the ocean.

A I was ahead there were small bright stars appearing up from the ground...that went into this mystics house.

Upon entering the mystics house the dream ended....  Again I'm sorry I can't draw or I'd be painting the exact scenes...


  1. god damn raptors always ruining everything

  2. this is a good post that makes me want to come back for more

  3. raptors, I love them. Thank you kind sir :)

  4. raptors... raptors everywhere lol

  5. JAJAJA soo cool xD, maybe turn it into a short comic or something..I also love raptors!

  6. You seem to have such vivid dreams, I envy you, but love reading them.

    Keep em coming

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  7. Similar thing happened to back in the day when I used to play starcraft. I would dream like I was playing the game, but not as creative as yours. Man.. your blog rocks!!

  8. Fucking raptors, how do they work?

  9. I have crazy dreams like this.. last night I was disposing of parts of someones body which I had chopped into pieces and placed into plastic bags full of bleach 0.o