Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lost in time

The following night I had about 4 different dreams, I've since forgotten most of them except for some fragments of the last two.  I'll most likely remember them during the day which I'll try to add too later.  The way I separate the dreams is usually when I wake up then go back to sleep to another dream or the dream continuing.

All parts of the dream switched between me being there and me looking down from another perspective.  Several parts I knew it was a dream but wasn't completely lucid.

--Dream 1--
--Dream 2--

Vaguely remember something about defending a small base or piece of land in a completely different world.

--Dream 3--

Fragmented parts...  This dream from what I remember towards the end of it me and some people were in a made up world or land, we'd just recovered from a battle or war with another lot of people that lived near us.  The land was vaguely Wetland's surrounded by cliffs/mountainous terrain but the cliffs were dry and barren, was also lush trees/bushes growing down from the top of the cliffs.

The part I do remember is sitting around watching a TV with a few other people after the final wave of enemies came, we were celebrating a victory over something.  There was a large LCD in the center with people in lazy-boy chairs around the outside in a strange setting which changed into a half house, I went to play the Playstation 3 that was on the bottom of the TV cabinet or had just finished playing it.  I eventually turned it off but someones Mother wanted me to turn the speakers off as well, I looked puzzled because the speakers were still going yet the Playstation 3 and power to speakers was turned off. 

After a while I just pulled the power plug out at the socket and it just went off, I left the place with about 3 people (I don't know who they're) remaining behind watching it while looking at the sky it changed to a darkish red/purple color which is why I think I left.

--Dream 4--

Again fragmented parts at the beginning but towards the end gets more clear.

Was situated in a part of my city towards the beginning (Christchurch, New Zealand) where we're just getting over a big Earthquake, for anyone that knows I started in Sydenham end of Colombo Street.  I was either trying to get away from someone or trying to get back to my girlfriend as fast as I could, I ended up finding a motorbike to help me on my journey through small city like place with doors all over the areas that someone else had to open, it eventually went onto a forest/dirt road then through farms.  The whole time-dilation thing went on again...I felt like I was traveling for at least 3-4 hours, everything was near real...I felt the wind on my face, the thrill of riding a motorbike fast, even changing the gears....

Towards the end the motorbike's gears changed into that of a normal push bike and kept getting jammed.  You know how you have the 3 big gears then 9-12 smaller ones, well the mechanism that the 3 big gears were on swiveled around while still being connected to the bike and the chain trying to move.  I looked down and figured that's why I wasn't moving as fast as I was before and told the guy that was helping me but he said to keep I did and it worked.  By this point the accelerator had turned into a push button like on a farm 4-wheeler that you move in with your thumb.

Anyway I was going through these city like buildings further and further away towards the end (by this stage it wasn't my city), having the doors opened and in the end opening up to a small modern village next to the sea or an estuary.  There was a university block and a few other buildings, the university block was two story with small rooms with 1 bed in each along with a 3 draw dresser and a window for each room.  The windows upstairs were accompanied by triangular framing for the roof.  The other buildings were just houses/batches I noticed one area had a nice small beach with batches on it.

As I went around I got off the bike and started to walk, for some reason I had a deep sense of dread that my girlfriend had died and this was confirmed when I was told by someone in my dream about this....  I went and sat down in this circle of grass out in a field area.  Another time-dilation effect occurred from which weeks if not months/years passed and the grass grew around me in a unreal way.  I got up and walked around as if time was moving faster than me (yes like in the movies), I headed over somewhere to find my bike it was brand new I cannot describe it as my memory about it isn't that good right now.

I got on my bike and headed towards the city/doors/gates that I'd passed through earlier back to my city, on the way there was a girl....dark hair and tall is all I remember, all I know is that I'd lost my girlfriend all those years ago and now there was a girl I could rescue and I felt some love for this girl even though I hadn't helped her.  She needed a ride and was lost like me in this world of confusion, I told her to get on as I'd give her a ride back to the village by the beach/estuary.  Along the way there was damage to these city buildings from the Earthquake..I particularly remember gangs with road blocks and people causing chaos but also a Computer Cabling store that was open and selling its goods at reduced prices...

I headed back to this other area to drop the girl I'd found off there, we talked along the way and somehow time jumped forward and I think we were living together in the future.  I remember walking on-top of the university roof looking through windows at people who had died in their university rooms because of some new drug around.  From here the dream gets fady...but the very last part we were in a bedroom when someone came to tell me that my girlfriend from all those years ago was alive.....  I remember running out into the circle of grass for which I sat in time for years and being confused and not know what was right to do but in the end I went and searched as hard as I could for the girl that I once loved....  Just before I found her I woke up.

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