Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The following night I had 3 dreams that I can remember, for purposes of anonymity (for family members I'll change their names)

Jasmine=sister 1
Ben=Sister 1's Ex
Ashley=Sister 2

I remember being at Mum and Brock's place in some part of the dream but im unsure which part. 

--Dream 1--

First part of the dream I was at Jasmine and Ben's house on a farm that exists in reality, although it wasn't a perfect 1/1 copy of the farm and surrounding area it was near perfect with extra additions to the scenery like bushes and hills, perfect landscaping with cloudy sky as if it was about to rain.  The dream pretty much started with me arriving at their place on the farm with Ben greeting me but at the same time seeming surprised to see me and acted a bit..."funny", at this point I wasn't lucid enough to realise that she didn't live there anymore but Ben filled me in on those details in the dream.  I walked around the house inside a little bit and everything seemed perfectly fine and normal with their cats in the places they usually would be.

Eventually me and Ben headed towards a Helicopter which was "somewhere" nearby, to go down to Jasmine's other house which was nearby.  I can't remember exactly getting in the Helicopter or it starting up but I do remember flying over all this awesome farmland and dirt road and landing at a house about 10 minutes later, not much conversation was had inside the helicopter but I remember it was perfectly silent inside the Helicopter with no sounds of the engine/blades to be heard.  When we landed I went inside to see Jasmine, the house looked exactly the same with the exception of a massive "public looking" toilet off the main lounge and one of their larger cats in the lounge walking around.  At this point I really had to use the toilet so I went into this "new" public toilet off their lounge and went about natures calling.

From here I walked around outside for a bit and sat down, the dream changed here and for some reason I had this pet spider in-front of me and was under the impression I had been training it to sit/lay/come/etc for years (this spider would've been in my dream as in real life there was a spider hanging around near by bed for quite a while).  I remember sitting with it and it just being like a dog, then towards the end the cat from before came along and ate it ruining all that hard work and effort I'd done over the year training it, I was quite sad in the dream about it dying and got a little sentimental haha.

--Dream 2--

This dream was on a basketball court, I can still remember the architecture of it, where it had a big bridge/highway going over one corner of the court which led onto another smaller basketball court which lead on to the back of the Copthorne Hotel here in Christchurch, New Zealand (If anyone has ever seen it, its the stairs at the back that lead onto the circle concrete area).  Across at the larger court it just went onto grass then hills after that, cloudy sky with average temperature.

Me and my girlfriend were there and I was getting changed behind one of the concrete pillars that holds the road above up as I was going to play basketball with her or we'd just finished playing I can't remember exactly.  As I was getting changed there were some teenagers coming over to play on the larger court and one of them started heading towards my girlfriend, he was the kind of guy you knew was going to try flirt with her or be smart, I'm kinda protective so I didn't like this and told him to bugger off after he said a few things too her from a distance because she was with me and they weren't allowed to disrespect her like that by "wooo'ing" and allsorts.

The area changed quite a bit, we were still on the basketball courts but the hotel disappeared and was replaced by grass, the bridge over top also disappeared and was replaced with sky/clouds/etc.  Suddenly there was a full on Basketball game going on in the small court with the same guys before trying to show off to my girlfriend and her friends(which appeared).  It was the teenagers team vs one of my friends teams.  The dream changed to the point where over 200 people were surrounding both courts and there was a soccer game on one and basketball on the other.  I was pushed to the back and walking around trying to find my girlfriend but also watch the game and make sure everything was alright (I may have been a referee). 

I distinctively remember being at the back of the crowd towards the same side the hotel was on and there being marked areas cut off for people to watch when a fight broke out between the soccer players and the teenagers, I remember jumping as high as I could into the crowd and punching a few of them and the crowd going crazy then the police were called or on their way.  Amongst the crowd helping my fight was a little boy who I didn't recognize.  I couldn't walk at this point I had to keep jumping to get out of the crowd to the side, I eventually made it to an exit which appeared out of nowhere near the same side the hotel was on.  The boy was following me and he was hurt also so I helped him along as we exited the place that had gotten crazy.

There was a small corridor made out of blue walling/plastic walling that lead out to an emergency exit with small stairs going into what was a hospital, I asked him what way and then I saw a sign saying emergency room so I carried him down there, all I knew was that I needed to save this boy for some reason.  Along the corridors it started looking more like the walls of a spaceship or futuristic hospital with people walking up and down too.  We past a toilet where the boy needed to go, so I put him down and waited while he went, the dream ended here with me waiting outside then waking up.

--Dream 3--

The following dream is quite short and at the end of it I'm unsure whether I woke up or it just continued straight into the next one which I'll named Dream 4.

This dream started with me and my girlfriend being at the gym, we were down near the personal trainers room behind all the cardio equipment (Quest Health Clubs) if anyone wants to know.  I'd won an award or something but one of the reception people were preparing me a massive roast meal, I remember the plate/size/taste of the roast and it was just awesome, I finished it fairly fast.  The next part my girlfriend went off to the toilet and suddenly her friend appeared from which we did the whole "Hey hows things going?" thing, I mentioned I had a really sore back from the training we'd just finished and her friend offered to give me a back massage which was nice.  After she'd finished she put cellotape all over my back for some reason that I'll never know.

My girlfriend came back from the toilet and proceeded to pat down the tape that was on my back, after this she went into the trainer's office and out of some grocery bags get more tape or food (I can't remember which of the two)  When she came back I got up and went in to look at all the grocery bags, the room would've been filled with at least 10-20 bags full of stuff and I questioned why our groceries were at our gym from which I got no reply.  At this point I heard my car alarm go off so I ran out to check on my car, I believe the door was opened but nothing was missing, I disarmed the car and got in it and drove around the carpark area looking for anyone running or being suspicious.

--Dream 4--

This is the longest dream which lasted ages while I was in it.

I started off in a sewer/cavern/river structure that looked man-made, I'll try describe it to the best of my ability, inside this structure it was very dark with water running through the middle, the walls were smooth and went up like a circle over my head.  It was aproximately a road in width and 4-6m in height, the length of it was maybe only 10-20m which the water ran off the end into a large lake and big open area with nice green hills and lush surroundings.  I'll attach a kind of sketch from a birds eye-view but be warned I suck at drawing :)

Me, a girl and a boy started in this place riding our bikes through it, I don't know who the girl and boy are but I did recognize them (the girl may have been my niece Sarah).  We were playing a game where you'd ride your bike through this place with water then do a massive jump down into the lake area, but instead of landing in the water you'd have to try land on this piece of land which was straight ahead of the tunnel exit about 50m and if you landed in the water you'd lose the game.  To get back up to the cavern you'd have to swim back across the water to 2-3 ladders going up the side of the cliff just below the cavern exit, which went around the side of the exit and above into another opening from which you could crawl through either side then hop down a hole in the top of the larger cavern below.

From this point it kind of turned into a computer game for a while, we did about 5 jumps all together until I realised a monster or creature was actually chasing us through this cavern each time and following us back up, I remember each time we jumped we were getting much closer to exiting this game and the monster going away.  We were all scared as this shadow kept making noises too, I remember this like above 5 times till I made a final jump and landed far away barely missing the water, with the others left behind in the cavern as they didn't jump I was worried on what to do.

The dream at this point changed with the cavern/water/open area disappearing and me landing inside a room in a house, I checked behind me to see if the creature had followed me and it hadn't yet. The house itself was a single ground story place, quite old dark wooden walls inside kind of like a previous house i'd once lived at (I'll attach an image of another sketch)  I went ahead to check on my niece but at the same time being cautious if this creature returned or was hiding in her room as she was laying there still as anything.  I looked at Sarah and she had a very strange look on her face almost souless and void, her eyes kept switching between full black then the white reappearing, in the dream I thought she may have been possessed. 

As I spoke to her more she spoke but it was in a very demonic voice then strange sounds came from all around the room, I suddenly put my hand on her head and attempted to perform some kind of exorcism using words from the bible and just "praying" in general, then making a cross with my fingers as I wanted this creature/demon to get out of her.  I continued this for a while then looked behind me as I heard a noise then back to the bed and Sarah was gone, I quickly checked around the room in hoping to find her ok under the bed or in the closet or anything, I couldn't find her but I did find a pack of cards psychic or occult cards in a deck on her table that she had been playing with, I went through the pack and as I went to a certain one it made this loud demonic roar so I threw the pack away then ran out down to Ashley's room to warn her, on my way out I heard demonic sounds from everywhere in Sarah's room.

When I got to Ashley's room just down the hall I ran in and warned her what had happened and if she'd seen her daughter, at first she didn't believe me when I slammed the door and locked it so nothing could get in.  I said to Ashley "Sarah was possessed by something and now shes disappeared, we need to find her and leave now!", she only believed me when I found the cards in her room on a bookshelf and all these strange noises started to happen around the room and coming from the cards.  We both quickly jumped up and got on the bed ready for something to burst through the door, eventually the door made a noise and opened but it was Sarah, she'd appeared out of nowhere scared.  I grabbed her and pulled her into the room but behind her I saw something black run fast down into her bedroom.

I quickly raced after it to try catch it or see what it was, as I got into my nieces bedroom it jumped out the window and went into the backyard, I got a short glimpse of it.  It ended up being a black cat which I'm presuming this spirit/demon/thing had gone from Sarah into the cat to try escape the house and I knew I had to capture it to perform an exorcism on it...either that or the cat had die as we couldn't risk the thing inside it causing anymore chaos.

After it jumped out the window it would've ended up in the backyard, I quickly tried to race around the house to catch it and ended up outside the kitchen area which led outside into a patio area.  The cat by this point was running all around the floor and walls like something out of a horror movie, it saw me coming and ran back around the outside of the house through a room next to the kitchen which had bookshelves on either side then plastic windows/doors at the front leading out into another open backyard area with concrete ground.  The cat could easily escape through plastic windows as there was a catdoor below it, I had to bash my way through one of the opened plastic windows out into the area.

This area had large walls/bookcases surrounding it that the cat tried to escape up but couldn't, eventually I captured it but by that point I'd realized that whatever was in the cat had switched back into my niece as the cat brushed past her the spirit/demon/thing went back into her.  I wasn't sure what to do at this point, I remember saying some words but not certain of what exactly but after 10 minutes of having Sarah in a chair everything appeared to be normal.  We were all shaken up as even more supernatural things happened while she was sitting in the chair and no one knew how to took any of it at all.

I remember walking into the house then through the kitchen at this point the dream went blank around me as I closed my eyes....opening them to the scene completely changing to somewhere else.  I'll call it another dream although I didn't physically wake up.

--Dream 5--

This dream is fragmented but was one of the most realistic dreams I'd felt in a while.

I'll try describe the whole land layout, but I'll attach a sketch of it as well.  The road that I desribe below ran from the bottom of a hill...not too steep, that went up to a 3 forked split off, one going down into another street to the left and one to the right which went off to some dirt road to nowhere, the road that went straight ahead went up the top of the hill even more.  To the left was hilly area going down into a massive lake or ocean that never ended.

Upon opening my eyes I was in this new area, an abandoned suburb with most of the houses being very run down, the road looked like there had been a war there and the sky was nearly orange.  I slowly walked up the road ahead of me noticing something written on one of the buildings it said "Quarantine Zone, Extreme Caution"  "viral Outbreak, Croation here", I remembered in my dream Croation being some kind of viral thing from either the TV series Supernatural or Heroes, but either way I knew it wasn't good and the whole area had this "post apocalyptic world" feel too it.

As I continued walking up along the road I saw my car in the distance which was kind of a relief to me as I didn't recognise anything else in the dream whatsoever, I checked my car to see if the GPS was still in it and my cellphone but I'd dropped my keys along the way which luckily were just behind me.  GPS was fine but my cellphone was nowhere around, at the same time I knew I was being watched by someone or something and there were faint strange noises off in the background.

In my dream at this point I knew I was in a post apocalyptic world and I had to find any survivors or anyone that I could help but also being cautious of whatever was watching me or who knows the viral outbreak could've made people zombies :)  As I made my way up past my car I was met by a man who I didn't recognize but knew he was my friend and could help me along my journey, he gave me two weapons to use both swords and one with a back holster (or whatever you call them), I was happy to see someone else as it gave me that extra courage to continue on up ahead with someone to back me up encase I got attacked.

I remember walking up far past my car to near the top of the sketch, there were trees overhanging the road above us...they were willow trees if I remember right.  I remember getting out my swords and playing around with them feeling in control if something decided to attack us, as we approached the top there were some kind of creatures that jumped out from the side near the trees.  All I can remember is us killing them and continuing on our way up this road which was now more of a dirt/gravel road.

When we were near the very top the guy that was with me had a discussion with me about how he had to leave now as his own journey awaited him, but at that same time my car alarm went off back down the road

and we were left in a dilemma.  I pleaded with him to help me with the car as someone must've broken in to it to set the alarm off, he nearly said yes when these 3-4 figures appeared from down the hill

towards the lake walking slowly through some houses. 

They were people wearing bright lighted armor and just looked completely amazing and a presense of peace just came off them (it was a really interesting experience), in the end I figured that they must be

Angels or something like that but I wasn't sure.  They told us about an island that they escaped too and there was no virus there, no violence...only peace, they tried to convince us to go but first I wanted to check on the rest of the village and my car alarm also as whatever set it off obviously wasn't good, I pleaded with my friend to help me and the Angels to wait for us.  My friend wanted to go with them but said he'd help me first, the Angels said they'd meet us down at the boat near the lake.

We took off down the road running as fast as we could to see what had set my car alarm off, when we got to my car the doors were open but no one was around.  We took off again down towards where I would've appeared first in the dream, while I was running I remember one of my swords slipping out of the harness on my back and sliding down the road then getting stuck in between two houses but at that point I didn't care as we had to goto the bottom of the road.

At the bottom there was a house with a garage but next to the garage was someone standing there, this was the first legitimate person we'd seen, however as soon as we approached them they took off into a couple of palm trees then disappeared.  In a bout of frustration my friend attacked the tree with his sword, he instantly realized this was a mistake as the person that had disappeared somehow had only made themselves invisible and they were now severly wounded.  We were both at this point very frustratedas we wouldn't be able to find out what actually happened around this area and why they ran away.

The next thing I remember was being on a boat with the "Angels" going to an island that they had previous talked about, as I looked arouned there was 2 of them, my girlfriend who had appeared from nowhere and the guy that helped me earliar on in the dream.  I had a deep sense of peace about being on this boat....this is when I looked down and woke up.


  1. Cool dreams. I had a dream that is was being chased in my car, fell off a bridge, and fell for a few minutes lol.

  2. I can't believe how much you dream, i'm lucky if i dream twice in a week!

  3. interesting dreams, wish mine were so interesting!

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  7. Love to read about your dreams, I can never remember mine, so it's interesting to read these! haha :P

  8. "The area changed quite a bit, we were still on the basketball courts but the hotel disappeared and was replaced by grass, the bridge over top also disappeared and was replaced with sky/clouds/etc."

    That is an insane level of detail for a dream.