Saturday, September 18, 2010

Escape Ship

Half way through writing this dream I went outside and remembered an earliar dream.

--Dream 1--

Although this is short I thought I'd mention it, it was at my current house right now.  My mother was standing at the top of the house and I was running up and down the stairs to try get my heart rate to peak then try this asthma inhaler to see if it would work. 

This can probably correlate to reality where i've been given a inhaler to try to see if I have Exercise Induced Asthma.

--Dream 2--

This dream is really fragmented, I only remembered parts about 1-2 hours after I woke up.  The beggining could've happened two different ways so I'll list them first.

Main starting point is the same, I'm in a car or campervan camping with two other friends.  The surroundings are a lake nearby, sandy ground, bushes and such that you'd find in a desert kind of area.  I don't remember looking up at the sky so I can't tell you what exactly it looked like.

From this point either we found a dead body or someone was killed nearby because I remember my friends freaking out as there was a burnt body laying infront of us.  Not knowing what to do we fled the scene but someone else that was camping there saw us and called the police, we unfortunately ran away still being scared and frieghtened from what had just happened.

We had no campervan at this point instead the vehicle we got away in was my car, at this point the city turned into Tokyo (i've never been there but i've seen what the streets and buildings look like from pictures/movies/etc)  My friends disappeared and I ended up being alone in my car in the middle of this city but I was going to a destination.

The destination ended up being a motel room my friends were staying at which was kind of a safe house at the same time, along the way going there I was chased by police or some kind of people multiple times through the streets. 

My car switched from working to not working, then frome being a manual(stick shift) to automatic.  I remember feeling the adrenaline, rush, emotion of running away from the cops like an idiot and being a criminal.

I eventually lost everyone that was chasing me, I ended up at my friends motel saying we need to leave now.  The layout of the building gone from my mind aside from the kitchen which was small rectangular with a small fridge with no freezer.  The building itself was an old one, green/tan floor/walls, my friends from what I remember were moving between this place and their rental home to try not get caught.

But with the impending thought of getting caught by the cops they had a plan that required to go to each house at least once a week and not stay long (not that it makes any sense).  Time in the dream at this point was at least a week or two for this period of the dream.

One day I was approached by a man who wanted to help me as he knew we didn't kill this person that the police had been after us for, for reference earliar on in the dream we tried to reason with them but they wouldn't listen and kept attacking us.  Anyhow this guy who approached me offered a safe place to stay while he himself would sort out this whole mess, but also warned us they were planning to raid the houses we'd been staying at.

I knew at this point I had to go warn the others, so I left to goto the motel.  At this point I was riding a bike for some reason instead of my car (I presume it had broken down or something of the sort), when I got to the motel my friends weren't there...  I started to panic and headed off to their rental property, they weren't there as well.  I tried to ring their cellphones at this point but both were engadged, I continously kept going between places and calling them to try get ahold of them to warn them.

After an hour or so I was in the middle of riding between two places when I got a text telling me where they were, so I headed off to the motel.  When I arrived they were half way through packing everything up which didn't take long, this part of the dream I can't remember much but afterwards we headed down to their flat, all I remember at this point was being worried about a piece of wall and/or door that kept falling off and what the landlord would think if they came and saw this in an "Inspection".

When I took the door off to look at it, it was rectangular, aproximately 2m x 4m x 50mm.  In the middle of the door it kept buldging out so I figured this is why it wasn't staying on the sliding mechanism properly.

After I was finished with this I walked out to the backyard, the strange man who'd offered safety earliar was standing there telling me to enter this boat with him that was in the backyard, it was only a small dingy.  I approached it with caution as I knew something wasn't right, as soon as I stepped foot onto the dingy the whole world around me changed.

I ended up being on this dingy alone amongst the wildest ocean storm, the surroundings were pretty cool with dark blue/greeny waves peaking with white wash at the tops, the clouds were stormy and had lightning throughout them.  In the distance was just more and more water, but also a massive pre 1600's battleship made out of reddish timber.  The guy who offered safety was standing ontop of this ship gloating how I had fallen for this trap.

I gathered up my strength and jumped in the water and swam as hard as I could to reach the other ship, I knew he was holding someone captive on the ship on one of the masts.  At the top of the mast was a golden crystal that I knew was the ultimate objective in this dream, I managed to climb aboard and push the bad guy off the ship in a massive struggle with the waves pushing the ship side to side to the point where it nearly capsizes each turn.

After seeing that guy fall in, I tried to rush to the top of the mast to get the golden crystal.  It was a hard climb with the wind trying to push me off every few seconds, it was a challenge because at one part I could hardly feel my legs (kind of like those dreams where you try to run but you can't).  When I finally reached the top I remembered about the person stuck below...the dream gets really fady here but I'm almost certain it was my girlfriend who'd I'd been looking for mostly throughout the dream.  After finding her and getting the crystal the world around us returned to normal with the storm calming, in the distance was a dock of some sort.......the dream ended here and I woke up.


  1. nice dreams seem epic follow/comment/you know the drill

  2. sadly i cant remember my dreams very well