Monday, September 20, 2010


I can't really remember any specific order of last nights dreams as I woke up more than a couple of times, once for an 4.6 aftershock which integrated itself into my dreams.

--Dream 1--

From what I remember I was in my old house, I think i'd just arrived home after being out for a day trip with friends.  As soon as I entered the door there was a really misty/errie feel inside the house, the house switched between day/night in a flash and outside was alot of mist if it was day and at night it was just dark.

I walked down to my bedroom to lay down as I wasn't feeling too well, I remember being very cautious as I thought something was going to happen or I had a bad feeling.  My room and the house were exactly the same layout as in reality although later in the dream the hallway changed a bit.  I eventually drifted off to sleep (within the dream) and then got woken up in the dream by some loud banging which sounded like metal clanging together or something bad anyway, at this point I woke up in reality to the same noise which lasted about 6 times with a few seconds between each sound.  (Later found out it was most likely the aftershock of an earthquake which happened half way through the night)

After waking in reality I was quite confused and nearly frozen (semi-sleep paralysis), but I went back to sleep after a little while.

Back in my dream I'd just awoken from laying down on my bed (the dream from before continued), and I had this sense that someone had broken into the house and stolen something but I wasn't sure what.  I looked out the window to check if I could see anyone but I couldn't see anything but darkness, eventually I got the courage to go out into the lounge but not before I grabbed a knife or something to use as a weapon just incase.

When I got into the lounge the whole scene changed into daytime, my sister was in the lounge and said that nothing had been stolen except for my Playstation 1 and they had left a note on the ground with a warning, I found this quite odd since there was my large TV, wii and all sorts laying around the lounge also.

Next thing I remember was sitting in my room with the curtains open watching outside for anyone to come out of the mist (Visibility was about 10m because of the mist), my sister came into my room saying I should be careful for the next night as the person may return again.  The day went by as I continued to stare about the window, eventually falling asleep again later that night but being woken up by some noise in the lounge.

In my dream I suddenly got very protective of my place and in an act of courage ran out into the lounge to try catch the person (had a fairly nice adrenaline rush where I didn't care what happened).  As I ran out I was met by one of my friends who appeared to be staying in one of the other rooms in my house, when we entered the lounge it was dark but saw a figure run out the back door.  We chased after this person outside, they were extremely fast and the laws of physics didn't seem to apply to them as they were running up the trees and walking sideways along the fenceline.

My friend jumped the fence when this figure went over it also, I ran inside to grab a torch.  When I went back outside my friend was in the middle of the yard waiting for this figure to appear again, it was like they were taunting us.  I used the torch to look around , behind me some more family members appeared and we were protecting them I think.  The figure appeared in one of the trees and we chased them around the side of the house then out the front yard where they disappeared into the mist like some kind of scary movie.

As we waited to see if he'd appear from the mist again I suddenly realised that this was a diversion to let other people into our house to steal something, I was mostly concerned about the stuff in my room as I had something important on my laptop or computer (I don't in reality but in my dream I did).  As I ran inside I was almost certain that my laptop was gone, I didn't end up checking my room but went into my friends room to warn him about the diversion (I'm not sure whether it was the same friend or a different one but they were just waking up about to go out)  He didn't seem to care which I found this point in the dream I just remember going into the lounge and it completely changing into a near empty room with a TV then waking up.

--Dream 2--

This dream started in a mall type area which had just closed, it was a fairly large mall laid out over section of land which when down a level into the ground on one side.  (Its hard for me to remember this dream without getting it confused with others i've had in the past so I'll keep it short.)

I remember the only reason being there was to look at a retail store to buy for a friend who wanted to have their own clothing outlet, after looking at one place the dream went forward to where my friend was working there and managing the store. 

In the end I was working in this clothing store on a shift when an Earthquake happened, half of the mall fell down exposing the clothing store and this food court to the outside which had a carpark.  All I remember from this point was being in the carpark checking on my car then having to teach this mental patient how to drive a car, they kept putting their foot on the accelerator instead of the brake and multiple times I had to pull the handbrake and throw the car into park just to try get the car to stop.  (just like those dreams where cars won't stop going forward even when you have the brake and/or handbrake on also.  I can't remember anymore than this but I'll add to it if I do.


  1. Have you read any of Carl Jung's literature? might be of interest to you.

  2. very interesting

  3. You remember your dreams really detailed, that's amazing. I only remember bits, like "mhh it was something with tigers!" :)

    Nice read, bro, keep it up

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  6. Cant remember any of my dreams.. weird..

  7. I had a crazy dream last night. I was getting chased by some dudes with powers, and they blocked off all exits with ice or some crap. I was hiding in a dark car park with 1 other guy with powers and i kept hearing these whispers saying "hold on il be there soon keep hiding stay alive" was pretty fkn intense lmao

  8. that's cool... i hardly can remember my dreams

  9. I'll have to try and remember my dreams now

  10. I really wish I could remember my dreams

  11. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog :)

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  13. unfortunately i forget my dreams with in minutes of waking up...

  14. Incredibly fascinating lucid dreaming.

  15. that was quite an intense dream there mate.