Sunday, September 19, 2010

Self Arguing

Hey people I thought I'd post something a little different today as I was going to post it sooner or later.

In a dream about two weeks ago I was in  a dream and completely Lucid, I could control anything in the dream but there was this one person and me in a hallway.  I was telling this other person that I knew it was a dream so anything they said is just myself talking to myself in reality and their arguement didn't have logical sense.

However I can't remember the exact arguement but I remember them trying to prove that I wasn't me or myself and this wasn't just a dream.

This conflict lasted quite a while and when I woke up I laughed to myself because to my understanding of my dreams its a respresentation of your subconcious while you're asleep.  I guess alot of the time I do have very lucid dreams in what my actions are but controlling other people and the environment can be hard.

When I was younger I was about to control anything in my dreams without thinking twice about it, flying, people, food, swimming, anything was possible.  Unfortunately these days those kinds of nights are rare, but when it happens it really is quite awesome :D

Feel free to leave comments and discuss about your own dreams and if you've ever argued with yourself in a dream?  What you interpretation of dreams mean to yourself? Or any other questions.


  1. i never remember any of my dreams. and whenever i do, it's very vague and loose.

  2. Yeah. You'll find that whenever you ask someone in your dream if you're dreaming, they will always say no. It's kinda cool, i think ;>