Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lucid Bound

Well last nights dream was quite unique, I had a very disturbed sleep and slept on and off from about 11pm till 9am.  I had a very lucid experience just before 2am which I'll explain below then my other dream would've happened around 8pm.

--Dream 1--

I remember going to sleep trying to keep my conscious thoughts open to the thought of being lucid from within my dream, I woke up several times in this dream and continued to go back to sleep into the same dream.  Also varying parts I was well aware I was lucid and controlling things but tried to not get excited as I struggled not to wake up, the dream would fade from being full real and vivid to just being blank images at times so its hard for me to recall some of it.

The starting point of it was in a wetlands area, it seemed like it was far back in the past from when Dinosaurs apparently roamed the Earth with no signs of civilization anywhere, in-front of me was a lake which had a teal kind of color too it, beneath me was pure sand which went back onto a kind of greeny grass with wetlands to the side and back further.

There were birds flying around and the moon was out and also the sun(sounds kind of familiar to the other dream that I had the night before)  If I remember right it was daytime just the moon could be seen.  Faint sounds in the background were of birds and wildlife, just the kind of sounds you'd expect being in the middle of a jungle/forest/wetlands environment.

As I stood here looking into the lake I was somewhat lucid but at the same time I only had a faint idea of what I was doing here, for some reason I thought it was a test (maybe this was my subconscious testing me).  What happened next was a small wave appeared from the lake out of nowhere, I was fully aware I was in a dream and decided what to do, I put out my front hand and focused as hard as I could as I wanted to stop this wall of water.

When the water came it stopped as I told it too and then I realized I was completely lucid in this dream, I told the water to go away and it did, the sun and moon to move and they did also.  At times I got fairly excited as I could do whatever I wanted in this dream but at the same time if I got too excited the dream would slowly go blank unless I tried to concentrate then it would return to being vivid.

I tried something complex, I wanted to change the scene around me to that of the destroyed city from the end of the movie Inception.  It worked to a certain extent to where the whole scene around me changed and formed into a city being destroyed by someones dream ending, the sky was red mixed with yellow and alot of things swirling around.  At this point I was too excited to be able to control my dreams to the extent of creating a city and everything slowly went blank, I tried to concentrate but my body woke up in reality.

It took me a while to think about what just happened but I eventually went back to sleep to try again, however this time I difted on and on till about 6am which my next dream happened.

--Dream 2--

I knew this was just a dream at first and was partly in control of what was happening around me, I was in a city (quite possibly the one I had formed in my mind earlier)  But it looked similar to where I live now Christchurch, New Zealand,  with the addition of a few large architecturally beautiful buildings near the center of the city.

I started off on a motorbike that I'd just bought, the following parts may be boring but I remember them vividly and I enjoy driving and find it relaxing.  From what I remember I was just racing around different streets viewing this city and everything that was in it, there was other people/cars/fully working restaurants and everything.  But at the same time I knew it was a dream and was trying to figure out how my brain could make all this up and compare it to reality.

I continued to race around then trying to bring into the dream some of my friends on bikes so that they could race around also, eventually about 2 other bikers appeared.  I can't really recall what type of bike they were but all I know is that it was a Yamaha and black, the noise it made when accelerating was beautiful.  I continued to race around with my friends but eventually became not so lucid when I woke up once then fell back asleep into the dream.

I was suddenly in a suburban area and my friends were gone, I was still on the Yamaha but whenever I accelerated the bike would sound as if it was going really fast but it would have delayed torque.   So I'd accelerate and it would do like a massive lag as if it had some kind of disastrous turbo in it.  I remember going down an alley way dodging a few people walking along as I was trying to find my friends.  At this point in the dream I don't remember what happened but I most likely woke up.

--Dream 3--

This dream was in a gym, I was going to it with my girlfriend.  It wasn't the same layout as the gym that I go to in reality but it was fairly similar with the exception of the changing rooms to the right of the main entrance.  This dream was partly lucid to the point of the dream where I felt a strong jealous emotion in part which I'll try to explain.

As me and my girlfriend were working out we walked over to another area to see what was going on, in it was small trampolines at various heights off the ground with ropes going between each one.  The trampolines were circle ones maybe 1m and circumference, the people practicing on them ranged from female to male from aged 6 to 19 I think?  I believe they were all getting ready for an event, it was interesting to watch (not in a pervert way)  but there was music in the background to which they were all moving to the beat or doing tricks to the beat.

A guy came out of nowhere and started working out on a machine near us, we walked over to a fly machine.  This guy was trouble when I first saw him in my dream as he kept staring at my girlfriend in that bad kind of way, he also said hi to us and started talking to her a fair bit but kept me out to the side. (For the following part I may get slapped but its just a dream, my girlfriend is loyal and faithful in reality so I have no idea who she was in my dream)

My girlfriend and this guy were talking alot and also flirting, I started getting jealous at this point in the dream but for some reason I didn't do anything about it.  Its not like he was much of a challenge if I wanted to take him on but I was trying to figure out why my girlfriend was acting this way and paying all this attention to him.  (I'm sure alot of people have had these kind of dreams where you feel real emotion then wake up feeling a bit emo until you wake up properly).

All I remember is me being on this machine and it breaking, I told my girlfriend to please come over and help me and she did for a little bit but kept staring at this other guy.  At this point I walked into the changing rooms ready to just leave and walkout, in the changing rooms it was strange because when I walked in I saw my towel on the ground laying everywhere, this towel must've been about 5m long so I couldn't have a shower.  At this point I decided I'd had enough and walked out into the gym only with my shorts on grabbed my girlfriend and punched the guy in the face and left. 

The dream ended here, the third part of the dream I considered a dream killer as it nearly ruined my thoughts of the previous two dreams.  I'm still remembering parts from the first two at the moment and may add to them later.


  1. this is one of my more favorite blog posts from you :)

  2. great post dude.
    though i have problems recalling my dreams. can you help

  3. wow, I really need to try out this lucid dreaming stuff

  4. Very interesting dreams, its good that you have this blog to help you with your recall

  5. dream 3 was the most interesting me thinks

  6. very interesting ive been trying to get into my dreams like this also

  7. Awesome dreams man! Keep them coming, always a good read :)

  8. never really had a lucid dream.. sept 1 D: wasnt good to be honest.

  9. very nice blog
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  10. I once had a dream that I was eating marshmellows, and when i woke up i had stabbed my mother...