Friday, September 17, 2010


There was only 1 dream that I could remember tonight alot of it is fragmented and confusing to me right now but i'll try to recall it in the right order.

--Dream 1--

Earliest part I can remember is being at an ice skating rink, we paid and went inside to find that all the ice was gone and it was just this flat varnished wooden boarded floor that had a layer of plaster ontop of.  There was a builder down one end removing all the plaster that was ontop of the varnished floor and told us that it wouldn't be long, there was also one of those machines that they drive around on spraying water out the bottom to make the ice flat after a while.

I remember waiting a while why this guy chipped away at the plaster then I started to do the same, suddenly the builder was gone and all the plaster was too.  I looked out to the rink filling with a thin layer of ice, my girlfriend appeared out of nowhere trying to skate with me.  In this particular dream I loved it because I could skate like a professional, gliding around on the ice with no care in the world except for my girlfriend was an awesome experience...just a pity I can't skate like that in reality.

One memorable part was her trying to race me around a corner from which I came flying around then did some kind of spin and started skating backwards, after a while the rink began to fill up with random people who I didn't recognise.  We decided this would be a good time to get out and started heading for the exit, the matter of taking the skates off didn't seem to matter to us in the dream...I think our shoes just reappeared on us at a certain point in time.

Upon exiting the rink through the exit it looked the same as it does in my city, "Alpine Skating" you exit the building then to the right is the carpark and left is the road about 10m down further, theres trees from the carpark to the road but in my dream there was no road.  I remember walking to the car then the whole dream changed locations.

Suddenly I was near a river location from what I remember or the carpark itself turned into a carpark that was near a large park, which had a river beside it with a small walking bridge going overtop. 

I'll attach a sketch of what I think the area was laid out like, but to describe it looking from the opposite side of the river there was the river itself with long grass either side of the banks, not too much grass but it was spread out and long.  The bridge was a simple concrete one that concaved over the river with white wooden rails, the river was very low although there were a few ducks going around, the river floor was mud/silt/or dark sand but it didn't look bad.  There was trees all around which nearly blocked out the sky which was dark but light enough to see everything around, across the river from this perspective was a carpark it had about 20 parks but they were spread out with lamps at every 2-3 parks.

All I remember at this point is looking around the area and seeing my girlfriend on the other side of the river (the side I just explained looking from), I proceeded to jump over the river and meet her there as we were going back to my place to hangout.  I remember getting to a certain point across the river walking down a path that goes either side as a walkway to a point that lead up a long row of stairs going up with houses all the way up along the left side if you were to walk up.

We went ahead and walked up, now at one point I'm pretty sure some person in a small car came out driving down this long stone stairs (anyone I know reading this, its the kind of stairs that are near my house)  We had to jump to dodge it and narrowly missed getting run over.

When we reached about halfway we were at my place, except my house was very different from what I remember, it was 2 stories.  Had a garage underneath and the door was up another stairs beside the garage which went inside.  I'll try make another sketch from a birds eye view as best I can.  I would describe the house as a half between my grandparents old house and a modern one on a hill in a rich suburb.

From entering the house until the following point I have no idea what happened.

I remember being infront of a door in the house then the whole two story house opened up and split into two parts from which i could see everything in the two storys from looking at this door on kind of a half birds eye view.  The house turned into a game of Starcraft II, with me being Terran and another person attacking the house being Protoss.

The dream didn't turn into a complete game, just me trying to take back points of my house while they attacked it.  About half way through trying to take back my house from these attackers the game view disappeared and I was in my body infront of this door again which had turned into two big pillars with a conrete slab overhead kind of like Roman/Greek Columns, from this point I knew I was in a truce with my attackers.

Something in the world around us was going very wrong and we both had to escape this area and house, as the house joined back together my attack who'd turned into my friend had fled towards an area outside the back of the house to a concrete circle surrounded by trees with a white marble seat near the edges.  I ran up to see them and hoped they were ok then went back into the house and looked outside one window to find my city being completely destroyed in a sense by a massive tornado (two things I hate the thought about and its Tsunami's and Tornado's...) 

As it moved closer and closer towards my place I began to get worried and searched around my house for any survivors of the previous battle.  As I ran out the front door my neighbour was coming up, I invited her to come over to my place as it was going to be safer than staying.  We went up to the stone circle that I mentioned before as everyone that wanted to survive was in this circle...for some reason the circle was either going to help us survive or it was a trap.

In the end we were waiting for the tornado to hit only to find out it was a distraction that let our guard down to let some enemies in the front gates.  We all gathered at the back of the house in the stone circle...  I can only describe it as a spiritual feeling, I was either going to die...or have this stone circle do something changing.

The person/friend who was in charge of this strange circle said to another activate it, and they opened a switch on the concrete and a flash happened....

The stone circle lifted up a little bit then there was a flash, everyone fell down....for some reason we had a glimpse into the future exactly like on that tv series "Flashforward" (I finished watching the first season about a month ago so I'm unsure why it was still floating around in my subconcious)

All I can say about my flashforward was that it was in around May of 2012, brief views over the city but that's about all I can remember.  When we awoke on the stone circle some people were calm...most had no idea that happened.

At this point I woke up, the details get a bit vague towards the end but if I remember anymore I'll be sure to post it :)


  1. 1) too many vidya games?
    2) You don't have as much control over your life as you'd like. You feel a slight fear about where your actions today will take you in the future.

  2. interesting! unfortunately I don't remember as many dreams as I used to :(

  3. Played Starcraft right before bed so that's what the Starcraft part would've been about. Actions in the future may be true.

  4. iam not dream :)) my dreams is black:P

  5. I might plan on doing a dream blog myself...

  6. dreamblog, what an interesting concept