Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trusting Reality

Hey people, the following dream will contain a bit of non-dream information too as this dream was something different and unique and I'm sure we've all experienced something like it.

First off I'll try explain most parts of my dream although I will skip alot as there is some very personal information and to say the least explicit things.


I was in a world or a town that had a cliff nearby, the sky is that like in The Barrens off "World of Warcraft", (No I haven't played WoW for at least 3 years now). To the other side was flat land with a shop, if I recall right it was a shop that had a tropical island look to it with it being made out of palm trees and flax roof and a sign which I can't remember what it said.

Next part a car pulled up which had some people in it that I didn't recognize, I had this thought that I needed to go with them so I eventually got in the car and off we went, as we were driving through this cliff like land the whole scenery changed and it looked as if we were traveling through some kind of wormhole (Like on Stargate if you've ever seen it)...look below

After doing this for a while we passed a few planets which came out into a supermarket, now I have no idea and this makes no sense why it would end up in a supermarket of all places but it did.  I appeared to be walking with 4 other people around a supermarket, my girlfriend was one and another her friend then another random person.  I decided I'd be affectionate and put my arms around all of them to make them feel loved <3.

Now comes the strange part of the dream, the whole scene changed and I was in an empty blank building with a cellphone.  I was trying my hardest to get ahold of my girlfriend as I didn't know what had happened but she didn't respond, I eventually escaped out of this warehouse like building to go back into the cliffside area which had changed into a small "Redlight District" town full of chaos.  Through this time about 2 days went past and I remember trying to call her and txt but getting no reply.

I decided to keep walking and walked out of this town through a farmland area that had cornfields either side the roads were sealed but had no lines on them, eventually I came upon a house that turned out to be a small cottage (maybe from the previous dreams 2 days ago?).  Anyhow it looked the same made out of old wood and varnished insides and everything just old about it, it seemed like days went past in my dream until it was a week when I hadn't heard from my girlfriend at all, at this point I was sad and confused.

As I was walking into a town to get some supplies I decided to try one last time....she picked up and started talking to me, I can't remember the exact conversation but I felt as though it was something bad.  At the same time I got into this town which was under attack by some local thugs or rebels, this point in the dream I became completely Lucid (Or I thought I was), I could control everything at my will and make buildings change, people move away, make people come into the dream and everything to a certain extent.

The weird part is when I got too excited about it all and woke up, I woke up into what I thought was reality but really it wasn't.  I called my girlfriend again and had a normal chat like we normally do so everything seemed normal like it was reality, I was even laying in my bed.  Something clicked when I was talking to her and made me realize that I was dreaming inside a dream and woke up to the real reality.

My question to you is how do you differentiate your own dreams from reality?  Have you dreamed within a dream?

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  1. I keep dreaming I'm losing my girlfriend as well.. i dont know why..