Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chaotic Shake

Following dream is only in one part but will try to describe it the best I can, like my previous post said I haven't been able to sleep properly lately so the old REM sleep hasn't been good :(


The earliest part of the dream that I remember I was in a supermarket shopping with my girlfriend after a postquake panic which caused nearly everyone in the city to stock up on food and water.  The supermarket was quite large almost like a massive warehouse building not a properly done up supermarket, I didn't recognize any of the people around me but there was everyone rushing around.

Once we got to the checkout I remember putting the final item in my trolley onto the thing that scans it, there was a girl working there just scanning everything.  I gave her my card to pay for the item but it was declined for some reason, I asked my girlfriend if I could use hers and pay her back as it was all in a rush.  After paying we kind of had to rush out for a reason that I don't know.

When we got outside there were people looting and stealing cars in the carpark just outside, people were fighting each other and just being completely stupid for some reason.  I grabbed my girlfriend and decided to go straight for my car, for some reason my old car was parked right next to it also.  I told my girlfriend to take my current car and I'll take the old one.  I eventually realised this was a mistake when she took off  in one direction and got shot at then I'm pretty sure she got capture.

There was nothing I could do but try go get help, I took off in the car trying to dodge people running for their lives.  As I went down the road a bit further my car ran out of petrol or stopped working all together, I got out and started walking along the side of the road, the sky was just cloudy and a semi dark atmosphere.  I was so worried about my girlfriend but became quite lucid in the dream, I decided to go into the next house that I came across as no one would be in it in my dream where I was lucid.

Upon entering the house there was a strange old lady in her lounge, I can't exactly remember the layout but it may come to me later.  As I was in her lounge she was trying to find her phone when the whole house started shaking violently which was obviously an earthquake happening, she was fairly calm about it until it lasted more than a minute which she said we should probably goto the safe house which was outside and around the house.  We exited the house and took off around the back of her house, it was really hard to walk with the land moving in crazy strong ways.

About half way there the shakes stopped and I jumped off the path onto the road to check the nearby roads, silt/sand started coming up out of the road and water pipes were leaking everywhere.  There was a civil defense van coming down the road and sirens coming from all directions, I looked over at my car and decided I better get in it and drive to my house to check on it.

When I got in my car my girlfriend appeared, the feeling of relief I had of seeing her face was just amazing.  It was a really kind of "True Love" feeling, we took off and the journey between there and my house took a matter of 5 seconds in which the dream went almost instantly to my house.

Arriving at my house it was slightly different, I can try make a sketch which I'll try upload later.  But the left hand side of my house had collapsed, this was a 3 story brick house that was fairly long, the right side of the house was fine but the other parts were completely damaged.  As I entered the house there was a manhole above the stairs to the first floor, I decided to have a look and to my amazement it was the landlords hidden items in a room that had appeared after this earthquake.  (In reality the landlord has a room in the house locked away storing some of his belongings).  I remember their being a model train setup on a big table in the middle of the room and a whole collection of old toys on the walls then there was all kinds of olden dark wooden furniture.

I went back down the manhole to get my girlfriend to come up and this point the dream ended.

I hope my dreams aren't getting boring guys, let me know what you think :)


  1. thats a pretty intense dream o_o

  2. maybe you should smoke some grass? just saying lol

  3. It is by no means boring xD I enjoy reading them a Lot! I feel like I understand you better than you would think xD

  4. it's a great idea to share your dreams with us, i love it! :)

  5. dream journaling is fun

  6. i dont know why... but i keep on having perverted dreams almost everytime i get lucid